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Landscape Lighting

Why spend all that money and time on
landscaping only to enjoy it in the day, add
lighting and enjoy it with a new perspective.
Enjoy your own resort atmosphere by adding
accents that provide beauty and tranquility
after the sun goes down.

Lighting for Effect
View your landscaping and architecture at night in a new perspective by adding
up lighting, indirect accent illumination, and direct brightening effects to already
existing beds, it really makes a difference.

Lighting for Security
Experience peace of mind offered by illuminating entry areas, driveways, and
dark areas of your yard.

Lighting for Safety
Illuminate hard-to-see steps and walkways with soft, low lighting effects.

Low Voltage Lighting
Bright, crisp halogen quality light with a variety of wattages for the needs of the

Safe, low voltage means more flexibility around landscaping areas without fear of
electrical shock.

Durable and Attractive metal lighting.

High quality transformers are used.

Warranty : 1-year part and labor on fixtures and transformers.

We will perform a consultation to determine your needs.

We will recommend proper wire, bulb and transformer sizing to provide the most
efficient and proper lighting effect.

We will determine the best placement and adjustment of fixtures , wire and